What is the difference between the responsive layout provided by uMobilizer and the adaptive web design?

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Adaptive designs use a sophisticated auto-detection script on the web server to identify each device that visits the site and then deliver the best version of the site, based on the size and capabilities of each device. It can be a PC or a tablet. uMobilizer creates a mobile version of the main site, which is designed specifically for the mobile devices. It has its own simplified design, which will be adapted for smartphones and tablets. All unnecessary sections that complicate the work with the site, would be removed, wereas other useful ones would be added, for example, the buttons for one-click communication that would make working much easier. A user-friendly navigation menu and the buttons that are easy to press via devices with the small screens. That's exactly how (with its own interface and content) the mobile responsive version of the site differs from the adaptive one. For more information, please read our article (link).