What does it mean to "display a block on the pages with a mask"?

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"This characteristics affects the display of the block. If there is a block that should be displayed only on 5 pages of the site so, in order not to create it on each page, you can use the property ""Display on the pages with mask"". Click on the question icon for more information.  

* - any set of symbols. Example: 

 /catalog/* - this mask will be confirmed by all links that start with ""/catalog/"" (/catalog/phone/, /catalog/cars/car_1.html и т.д.).

(а|b) - you can specify several variants of any part of the link, or whole links. Example:

/catalog/(phones|computers|cars)/ - 3 links will correspond to this mask (/catalog/phohes/, /catalog/compoters/, /catalog/cars/);

(/catalog/phones/|/catalog/computers/) - 2 links will correspond to this mask (/catalog/phones/ и /catalog/computers/).

Note: You can combine any designations (put one into another, use sequentially, etc.) and use them as many times as you like. "